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How to Cut an Ice Cream Cake

Many think that ice cream requires a long time to thaw – which isn't true at all. In fact, on the contrary, thawing for too long would result in ice cream that is much too soft and watery – making it more messy and tedious to slice.

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The Misunderstood Story of Plain Vanilla

Often times when picking an ice cream flavour, many opt for yummier-sounding ones, such as chocolate fudge or mint chip. Few would go for something as simple as vanilla - why waste the calories, right? We're here to make a case for one of our favourite flavours - our Vanilla Bean Dream.

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Design Your Own Gelato - and Packaging!

Last week, we launched our Customised Gelato Pint service - where you create your own gelato flavour and design your very own unique packaging to match. Dream up a creation for any occasion: from celebrating birthdays, to consoling a broken-hearted friend, to impressing clients - we've got you covered.

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