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Secrets to Success: Aun Koh, Chubby Hubby & The Ate Group

"There is no one thing that contributes to success. But there are things that can break a business. Two things that are vital in remaining sustainable are good people and maintaining reasonable property costs," says Koh. "Unfair or unreasonable rental hikes can kill a business. This is something we've seen far too often."

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Secrets to Success: Jason Jones, Loco Group

Jones says it's not just one, but many factors that contribute to sustaining a successful business: location (good foot traffic is a plus); price point; product; service and constant evolution. And in Singapore? "Make sure the aircon works!" he jokes.

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The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. Turns 5!🍦🎈

This September marks 5 years since our very first ice cream sandwich: a scoop of vanilla bean gelato with choc chip cookies. How time flies— we're happy to say that our products have found their way to gourmet grocers, music festivals, cafes, and even your freezer. 

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