Pack of 10 Cups
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Pack of 10 Cups

Pack of 10 Cups

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  • Chocolate Fudge Cookie Cup
    Chocolate Fudge Cookie Cup
    Velvety chocolate gelato, chocolate ripple, & chocolate fudge cookie dough mixed through. This one's for the chocoholics! 100ml in size.
  • Vanilla Bean Cup
    Vanilla Bean Cup
    Madagascan vanilla bean gelato, perfect on its own or paired with other desserts. A favourite among kids and grown-ups alike.
  • Mint Chocolate Cup
    Mint Chocolate Cup
    A refreshing mint gelato made even better with our chunks of chocolate cookies folded through.
  • Chendol Cup
    Chendol Cup
    Coconut and gula melaka dairy-free ice cream with green pandan chendol jelly mix-ins. A new take on a classic Singaporean dessert.
  • Onde Onde Cup
    Onde Onde Cup
    A fragrant, dairy-free pandan coconut ice cream with chewy mochi bits, dessicated coconut, and gula melaka swirl mixed through. Made using a refreshing coconut milk base and infused with 100% all-natural pandan extract for a truly authentic & nostalgic Singapore heritage inspired treat.
  • Vegan Tropical Coconut Cup
    Vegan Tropical Coconut Cup
    Creamy coconut milk and unrefined raw cane sugar is used in this uncompromisingly decadent ice cream alternative.
  • Vegan Acai Berry Sorbet Cup
    Vegan Acai Berry Sorbet Cup
    This sorbet is made from pure acai pulp from the Amazon, unrefined raw cane sugar and a blend of real fruit (blueberries & banana) for a refreshing, nutrition-packed indulgence.

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