Snacks for Kids.

Perfect for time-pressed parents who still want to offer their kids clean, healthy, home-baked goodies instead of processed supermarket snacks. Parents may find themselves sneaking a cookie (or two!) as well. 

The First Wealth is


All our bakes are made with our most precious thing in life in mind - our own children. With reduced sugar by up to 50% compared to supermarket brands, our goodies are packed with wholesome ingredients such as vegetables & organic sugar & milk. 


How much healthier is our ICC Kids Range?

Inspired by my real needs as a working mother.

Like many of our creations, ICC Kids started at home. My son has various allergies, including intolerances to egg & additives such as stabilisers often found in pre-packaged supermarket snacks. Moreover, There are very limited pre-made healthy snacks specifically developed for children. Toddlers are expected to graduate from puffs and baby crackers straight to adult snacks, which are often highly processed with high levels of salt & sugar, and not made with children in mind. Pressed for time, I would bake healthier home-made snacks at home in larger batches, freeze them, & have them ready to go whenever he'd ask for a snack - even when my hands were tied with work.

With our ICC Kids range, I hope you'll be able to rest easy knowing that we're baking the exact same stuff we feed our own children while you get to spend a little more quality time with your kids.

Lots of love,

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