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Family Pack

Family Pack

Not too much, not too little - just right for your family freezer. Your loved ones will thank you for this, we promise.

This package contains: 2 x Pints, 6 x Ice Cream Sandwiches and a free reusable cooler bag.


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  • Bubble Milk Tea Gelato
    Bubble Milk Tea Gelato

    Hong Kong milk tea, with chewy brown sugar pearls.  

  • Toasted Marshmallow Gelato
    Toasted Marshmallow Gelato

    Hand-torched marshmallow gelato, with swirls of chocolate fudge & pockets of biscuit. A smoky, nostalgic, campfire classic!

  • Onde Onde
    Onde Onde

    A fragrant, dairy-free pandan coconut ice cream with chewy mochi bits, dessicated coconut, and gula melaka swirl mixed through. Made using a refreshing coconut milk base and infused with 100% all-natural pandan extract for a truly authentic & nostalgic Singapore heritage inspired treat. Made with pride and passion in Singapore. Made in a facility that also processes nuts and dairy - we do not recommend our product if you are hypersensitive to nuts and dairy.


  • Chendol

    Coconut and gula melaka dairy-free ice cream with green pandan chendol jelly bits. A new take on a classic Singaporean dessert.


  • Mint Chocolate Gelato
    Mint Chocolate Gelato

    A refreshing mint gelato made even better with our chunks of chocolate fudge cookie dough.


  • Chocolate Fudge Cookie
    Chocolate Fudge Cookie

    Velvety chocolate gelato with chocolate fudge cookie dough mixed through. This one's for the chocoholics!

  • Simply Hazelnut Gelato
    Simply Hazelnut Gelato
    Roasted hazelnuts add their lovely, buttery flavour to this special gelato. Sweet, creamy gelato is balanced by aromatic nutty hazelnuts in this sophisticated flavour.


  • Vanilla Bean Gelato
    Vanilla Bean Gelato

    Madagascan vanilla bean gelato, perfect on its own or paired with other desserts.


  • Matcha Mochi
    Matcha Mochi
    Gelato flavoured with premium A-grade matcha from Japan, with chewy morsels of mochi mixed in.
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate
    Vegan Dark Chocolate
    We use a coconut milk base, unrefined raw cane sugar, and vegan pure cocoa powder to produce our uncompromisingly decadent dark chocolate ice cream alternative.
  • Vegan Tropical Coconut
    Vegan Tropical Coconut

    Creamy coconut milk and unrefined raw cane sugar is used in this uncompromisingly decadent ice cream alternative.

  • Calamansi Sorbet
    Calamansi Sorbet

    Dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan! A refreshing, invigorating pure Calamansi sorbet made from 100% authentic calamansi, perfect for those hot summers. What's even better is that it's 99% fat-free! Made with pride and passion in Singapore. Made in a facility that also processes nuts and dairy - we do not recommend our product if you are hypersensitive to nuts and dairy.

  • Mango Sorbet
    Mango Sorbet

    Alphonso mangos are also known as the King of Mangos, intensely sweet and full of flavour. Their sunkissed goodness is captured in this golden sorbet.

  • Acai Berry Sorbet
    Acai Berry Sorbet

    This sorbet is made from pure acai pulp from the Amazon, unrefined raw cane sugar and a blend of real fruit (blueberries & banana) for a refreshing, nutrition-packed indulgence. 

    Note: Orders in April & May 2020 for this product will arrive in different packaging design than what is displayed on the website. 

  • Earl Grey
    Earl Grey

    The finest bergamot Earl Grey tea infused into our "flower of milk" fiordilatte gelato base.

    Our gelato is made using fresh milk from free-range, grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free cows from Australia. Together with fresh cream and other wholesome ingredients, we bring you a super-premium gelato at exceptional value.

    1 pint makes approx. 5-6 servings

  • Tiramisu Gelato
    Tiramisu Gelato

    Mascarpone gelato with bits of tiramisu sponge finger soaked in coffee 

  • Avocado Smoothie
    Avocado Smoothie

    Our dairy-free take on Singapore's favourite avocado & gula melaka smoothie. Real, creamy avocado fruit make for a luscious texture, and gula melaka swirls add a whole lot of fun to this unique flavour.

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  • Vegan Dark Chocolate
    Vegan Dark Chocolate
    Our best-selling vegan dark chocolate ice cream, sandwiched between two vegan chocolate cookies. It's also dairy-free and gluten-free!
  • Vegan Island Coconut
    Vegan Island Coconut
    Our vegan island coconut ice cream, sandwiched between two vegan chocolate cookies. It's also dairy-free and gluten-free!
  • Milk & Cookies
    Milk & Cookies
    Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies, using 74% couverture chocolate. This all-time best seller that appeals to kids and adults alike!
  • Double Chocolate
    Double Chocolate
    Indulgent 73% chocolate ice cream paired between two soft chocolate cookies. An-all time classic favourite perfect to satisfy your chocolate cravings
  • Strawberries & Cream
    Strawberries & Cream

    Fresh strawberry ice cream between two soft, chewy sugar cookies. Reminiscent of English summers, and fit for the Queen herself.

  • Mint Chocolate
    Mint Chocolate
    Pure peppermint ice cream between two chewy, chocolate fudge cookies. Indulgent, refreshing and invigorating at the same time.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
    Chocolate Hazelnut
    Hazelnut ice cream between two chocolate fudge cookies. This delicious Italian-inspired flavour is one of our best sellers.
  • Toasted Marshmallow
    Toasted Marshmallow
    Hand-toasted marshmallow ice cream between two chewy brown sugar cookies. This unique flavour is a little caramelly, a little smoky and completely delicious. Who's ready to go camping?
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    English Earl
    English Earl
    Earl grey tea ice cream between two soft lemon zest cookies. Creamy aromatic tea and fragrant cookies make for an elegant dessert.

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