A Box Of Christmas Wishes

We've come to the season of giving & merrymaking...

What better way to bestow a heartfelt wish during the season of joy, than with ice cream? Hearts will be left warmed with our frosty, luscious treats.

Chocolate — the quintessential gift of love

With dessert, nothing beats chocolate.
Love comes bearing dark chocolate gelato on a vanilla sponge base, topped with a vanilla buttercream wreath & a medley of berries.

Exuberant, refreshing & delightful.

A delightful cake bearing Christmas cheer, Joy presents itself with raspberry sorbet on a chocolate sponge base, topped with dark chocolate drizzle, red currants, & gold leaf.

Time for parties & festivities with this gold-flecked confection.

The yummiest form of Celebration: gold-flecked raspberry buttercream, pure pistachio gelato, & a vanilla sponge base.

Wishing unity & harmony to all.

The last flavour of our collection, but perhaps the most meaningful of them all. Peace is a comforting blend of hazelnut & chocolate: pure hazelnut gelato on a chocolate sponge base, topped with decadent chocolate ganache, & roasted hazelnuts.

Our Box of Christmas Wishes: 2 of each flavour, 8 cakes in total. 

Order now for delivery between 20 Nov 2017 — 10 Jan 2018.
Orders open until the 10th of December, 11:59pm.
While stocks last.

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