Consistent, High Quality & Well-Priced Products.

Hundreds of restaurants, cafes, hotels & Singapore's leading F&B businesses trust us in delivering consistently high-quality products at fantastic value.

Why Work With Us?

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    Wide Product Selection

    With more than 50+ standard flavours, our extensive range of ice cream, gelato, dairy-free & vegan options will satisfy your every need.

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    Freshly Made

    We make all our products in small batches locally which means our Singapore based customers receive the freshest product possible.

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    A Solution for Every Budget

    We pride ourselves in premium quality at fair prices. Enjoy factory-direct pricing and avoid distributor or middle-men markups.

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    Product Customisation

    We offer flavour customisation at some of the lowest MOQ available on the market. Speak to us about creating your own bespoke flavour!

Our Product Range

Whether you're looking to introduce ice cream at your establishment for the first time, or fine-tune your product costing & recipes, we have a solution for your every need.

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Choose from our selection of ready-made, pre-portioned ice cream sandwiches.
  • Bulk Ice Cream Tubs

    Choose from our extensive range of premium ice cream, gelato, sorbet at unbeatable value. OEM & product customisation available.
  • Cups

    Choose from our best-selling ice flavours, available in cup format for easy service..
  • Be a Market Leader.

    We work with Singapore's most reputable F&B businesses to leave a lasting impression through awesome ice cream. Do you remember that creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream paired with that slice of cake? Chances are it's our ice cream!

  • Fantastic Value.

    Because we manufacture locally, you won't be paying up for distributor or middle-men markups. We offer some of the best value on the market across our range.

  • Not on our list? No worries!

    Speak to us about our product customisation services to help set your business apart from the crowded field. Our team of R&D experts will guide you to make your dream 'scream flavour a reality.

  • Just starting out?

    We're here to help. Speak to us about our consultancy services and let us assist with sourcing equipment, packaging, menu development, and product training to help launch your dream ice cream parlour.


  • Are your products ice cream or gelato?

    We offer both! Technically speaking, gelato has lower air content, lower fat content with fresh all-natural ingredients. Ice cream has higher air content & higher fat content (min. 10% butterfat). Both are just as delicious, but it really depends what you're after!

  • What's the difference between premium ice cream & normal ice cream?

    It comes down to three key factors: fat content, air content (termed in our industry as "overrun"), and quality of ingredients. Premium ice cream products like ours uses fresh milk, cream, and only fat derived from dairy sources. Normal grade & economy grade ice cream will use cheaper fat substitutes such as vegetable and palm oil to boost fat content. In premium ice cream, air content is generally capped at 40-50% which results in a denser, heavier product per unit volume. In economy ice creams, its not uncommon to find overrun reach 100%, which means for every 1L of ice cream you are only getting 500Gr of actual product while the other half of ice cream is all air. Finally, the quality of ingredients in premium ice cream is generally from highly respected sources - for example using couverture premium chocolate instead of chocolate flavouring. Economy ice cream in order to keep costs down will use flavouring. There is a time and place for both premium & economy ice cream, and its up to you to choose what quality of product you wish to offer your customers. Since we're talking about tens of cents difference per serve, we think it's a great value proposition when you think of it in terms of customer retention & repeat business.

  • Are your products Halal Certified?

    Our products are currently not certified by MUIS, however we adhere to a strict no pork, no alcohol policy & the vast majority of our ingredients including gelatines & E-code based products are Halal Certified. We urge our customers to use their own discretion given this information, and are able to assist with completing Halal questionnaires upon request.

  • Do you offer factory tours?

    Due to safety & food hygiene reasons we do not offer public factory tours.

  • How do your products compare with industry benchmarks such as Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, or Movenpick?

    We think our food service products are very similar in product quality, but at an approximate 30% discount as we manufacture locally.

  • Do you have Gluten-Free & Vegan Products?

    Yes! The vast majority of our ice cream, gelato, and sorbet products are gluten-free. Products with mix-ins may contain gluten. We also have a range of vegan products which uses certified bone-char free sugars.

  • Do you offer flavour customisation?

    Absolutely. We offer customisation on food service tubs, commercial ice cream sandwiches, pints, and cups. Speak to us about your requirements today.

  • What size are your food service tubs?

    We currently offer 5L pack sizes in a sturdy reusable tub. We've gone through several suppliers for packaging and we are confident that we are supplying not only the best quality products, but the best packaging that will not break from continual opening & closing during food service. Each 5L tub makes 50 x 100ml standard scoops.

  • How many flavours do you carry?

    We have more than 50 standard flavours and 10 sorbet flavours. We have the expertise to create almost any flavour that you require subject to minimum order quantities.

  • I have my own ice cream display. Can I use my own tubs?

    Yes, but you will need to provide us with the tubs on a continual basis in order to produce your ice cream.

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