How is my ice cream order packed?

Orders above our delivery minimum order value of $40 are packed in a reusable cooler bag. Customers are entitled to one cooler bag per order.

Does my order come with dry ice?

Home/office delivery: Most orders are delivered by freezer truck, so there is no need for dry ice. Once you receive your order, please store it in a freezer (below -18C) until you're ready to enjoy it. If your order happens to be sent by a courier, your order will come with dry ice to last the duration of the courier trip and slightly longer.

Pick up orders: Pick up orders are packed with enough dry ice to last 30-60 minutes (depending on the outside temperature) to allow you to transport your items to your next location.

Additional dry ice is available for purchase for delivery or pick up orders. The amount of dry ice you need will depend on the quantity of ice cream you need, and how long you plan to keep the ice cream outside of a freezer. If you have queries about dry ice, please e-mail shop@icecreamcookieco.com or call 6282-4680.

Please be careful when handling dry ice, do not touch it with bare hands in case of burns.



What are your operating hours?

We operate from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm (excluding public holidays). Please note that we are not a retail store, so we request that you order in advance at our Online Store, by email to shop@icecreamcookieco.com or by phone to 6282-4680.

Can I walk in and buy ice cream?

We are a manufacturing facility and as such we are unable to accept walk-in customers. If you'd like to collect an order from our factory please order in advance at our Online Store or by phone to 6282-4680, and select "Pickup" during checkout. You will be prompted to select your preferred pick up date & time.

How far in advance should I order?

For home or office delivery, please order by 12PM, at least 1 business day in advance. We may be able to accommodate same day pick up orders for certain products - please call 6282-4680 to check. Please note that if delivery slots are full for the next day already, you will only be able to select the next available date upon checkout.



Please see our Delivery Information page.



Are your products Halal certified?

Our ingredients used in all our products except for Tiramisu ice cream cake are halal certified. We do not use pork/lard or their derivatives in our products.

Please note that although we use halal certified ingredients, our company is not halal certified by MUIS. As such, we encourage you to use your own judgement as to whether you are comfortable to consume our products.

I am planning a large event (eg, wedding, corporate event, fun fair etc). Are there any discounts or events packages?

Please e-mail events@icecreamcookieco.com or call 62824680 with your events requirements and our events team will assist.

How do I store the ice cream?

Please store all ice cream products (sandwiches, pints and cakes) in a freezer below -18C.

Can I store the ice cream in the fridge? Or at room temperature?

No. Ice cream must be stored in a freezer, below -18C.

How long can I keep the ice cream for?

The shelf life of our ice cream sandwiches, pints, cups and cakes is printed on the packaging so you can easily check the best before date. (Please note that the shelf life assumes that you store the product correctly in a freezer below -18C. If the product melts, the shelf life is no longer valid.) 

Do I need to defrost ice cream cakes before cutting?

Depending on how cold your freezer is, you may need to defrost the ice cream cakes for 5-10 minutes at room temperature, or 10-20 minutes in the fridge. If your freezer is not very cold, you may not need to defrost at all. The best way to cut an ice cream cake is with a sharp metal knife dipped in hot water.

Can I write a message on the ice cream cake?

This option has been discontinued. However, you can still add a complimentary gift card to your orders for a personalised touch. Do let us know your message to be written on a gift card.



Can I request a gift message?

Yes, please write any gift messages in your Order Notes. We will provide a gift card with your order free of charge.

My gift recipient was not a home when the delivery was made. What should I do?

When sending a gift, please inform the recipient of the delivery date and time so that they can make arrangements to receive it - as the gift is ice cream, it's not possible to leave it outside if they are not at home. If your friend/gift recipient is unable to receive the gift during the chosen delivery time, we can re-deliver for $8 or you can arrange self-collection for free from our factory.



We deliver our products in temperature controlled freezer trucks, so you can be assured that you'll receive your order in tip top condition, ready to be enjoyed immediately or stored in your freezer. 

Please note that given the perishable nature of ice cream products, all sales are final. We encourage all customers to take due care to inspect the completeness and quality of their order at the time of delivery. Once you (or a third party representing you) have received and signed for your delivery, we are unable to exchange, refund or otherwise amend your order.

All orders made are final and cannot be amended after checkout is completed.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co., you may contact us at admin@icecreamcookieco.com to discuss.

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