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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of ice cream in Singapore, supplying a range of ice cream products to  retailers, food service providers, and retail customers through our online retail store. We manufacture products including:

  • Premium ice cream, gelato, and sorbet for supply to restaurants, cafes, hotels, chains, and caterers
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches for supply to retailers and also available through our online retail store
  • Ice Cream Cakes, available through our online retail store
  • Customised ice cream products, such as private label and OEM ice cream-based desserts

Our manufacturing facility has been awarded best in-class industry certifications including:

  • HACCP - Food Safety Management Systems
  • ISO22000 - Food Safety Management Systems
  • AVA - "A - Excellent" Rating
  • Halal Product Certification

Retail customers may enjoy ordering directly from us through our online store, where we offer free ice cream delivery in Singapore for orders above $100. We have served thousands of customers for their corporate events, weddings, private parties, or to simply satisfy a simple craving for something that overcomes us all from time to time - ice cream!

Our mission: To provide our customers with exceptional ice cream products of uncompromising quality, at the best possible value.



Our 3 Favourite Food Blogs

June 21, 2017

Our 3 Favourite Food Blogs

As ice cream (and food) lovers, we admire and enjoy all things that get our tummies rumbling, and creative juices flowing. While we love Instagram and magazines, there's something personal about food blogs that's hard to capture in any other medium. It's the story behind the recipes, the glimpse into...


Meet the new kids on the block

June 16, 2017

Meet the new kids on the block

Be the first to try our brand new gelato flavours - all in a handy take-home tub. There's Simply Hazelnut, a gorgeous and elegant nutty gelato; Mint Chocolate, refreshing mint gelato with soft chocolate fudge cookie chunks; and Milk & Cookies, our best-selling sandwich now in a pint. Click here to...


Recipe: The Best-Ever Milkshakes

May 26, 2017

Recipe: The Best-Ever Milkshakes

We love our basic milkshake recipe because with just one base you can create limitless flavour combos to satisfy your every craving. The best part - it's so easy! Milkshakes are very forgiving and flexible. If you add too much flavouring, just top up with a little extra milk or ice...