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We're looking for like-minded distributors and importers to help spread our passion for wholesale ice cream products to places beyond our tiny red dot. Speak to us about our export capabilities & carve a niche in your market with our wholesome, Made in Singapore products.

Carve a Niche in Your Market

  • icon-oem-productmix
    Great Product Mix

    Our portfolio of products include a great mix of perennial favourites like vanilla bean & chocolate but also products like chendol.

  • icon-oem-proven
    Proven Track-Record

    Since 2012 our products have been loved by Singapore's diverse population, with a proven track-record of sales & high customer satisfaction ratings.

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    Made in Singapore

    Import with confidence knowing our products & manufacturing facility is governed by the safety & security of Singapore's AVA. We are further HACCP & ISO22000 certified.

Products Available for Export

We are able to prepare products for export with a minimum order of as little as 2 pallets per order. We are able to export the following product types:

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Available in pillow pack format, choose between artisanal "homemade" style cookies or factory-produced uniform biscuits for a more economic option.
  • Pints (473ML)

    Choose from our range of best-selling ice cream, gelato, sorbet & vegan pints. OEM & Private-Label solutions with inclusions & sauces available.
  • Food Service Tubs

    Offer our premium ice cream & sorbet at your business or scoop shop with our range of food servic tubs.
  • Cups (100ML - 120ML)

    Choose from our range of best-selling ice cream, gelato, sorbet & vegan pints. OEM & Private-Label solutions with inclusions & sauces available. Multi-pack available.

Shipping Metrics

We're able to prepare an order for export for as little as 2 pallets, but you'll reduce your unit shipping cost by importing by the 20' or 40' container:

icon-distributor_shipping-1 Units per carton
  • icon-distributor_shipping-sandwich 12 sandwiches (120ml)
  • icon-distributor_shipping-sandwich 12 pints (473ml)
  • icon-distributor_shipping-sandwich 24 cups (100ml)
  • icon-distributor_shipping-sandwich 2 food service tubs (5L)
icon-distributor_shipping-2 Cartons per pallet
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_3 215 sandwich cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_2 112 pint cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_3 150 cup cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_3 112 food service cartons
icon-distributor_shipping-3 Cartons per 20' Container
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_3 2150 sandwich cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_2 1120 pint cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_2 1500 cup cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_2 1120 food service cartons
icon-distributor_shipping-4 Cartons per 40' Container
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_3 4300 sandwich cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_2 2240 pint cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_2 3000 cup cartons
  • icon-distributor_shipping-carton_2 2240 food service cartons

20ft frozen container shipping capacity:

  • 25,800
    Ice Cream Sandwiches (120ml)
  • 13,440
    Pints (473ml)
  • 2,240
    Food Service Tubs (5L)
  • 36,000
    Ice Cream Cups (100ml)

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