From Sandwiches, To Pints, To Cakes: Our Journey of Ice Cream's Past

From Sandwiches, To Pints, To Cakes: Our Journey of Ice Cream's Past
Today, on the last day of the year, take a trip with us down memory lane.
Throughout December, we featured throwback photos on our Instagram from our 5-year ice cream journey.
Today, on the last day of the year, take a trip with us down memory lane!


In September, we set up shop at our first farmers' market, The Pantry at Loewen Gardens, & sold our first batch of ice cream sandwiches!

One of our first sandwiches sold, along with our old packaging: simple plastic containers that snapped shut.


We welcomed the year with a pleasant surprise: our first ever feature in the national newspaper! 

As you can tell, we've had juuuust a few more features since then.

The year also marked our first big move, into a tiny little kitchen along Owen Road.

Our co-founder, Natasha, posing in our teeny kitchen.

Though it was small, it was a constant hubbub of activity & innovation. We experimented with new ice cream recipes, & scooped endless amounts of ice cream on to waiting cookies.
Ah, the good old days.


A busy year for us! We hired our first full-time employee – that wasn't a member of our own family, & who is still with us today  – & packed up our bags (& equipment) for the Defu Industrial Estate, where we would now operate out of our own little factory.

Renovating & building our own factory was a daunting task, to say the least!

We spent much of the year going places: we popped up at numerous markets & festivals...

Spreading the ice cream cheer during Christmas, at TANGS Singapore
Taking over the world, one freezer at a time!

Beating the heat at Camp Symmetry...
One of our many limited edition products, ice cream burgers, at a wicked rooftop party in Chinatown.

...& made a name for ourselves at events like SAVOUR Singapore, & Sentosa's Foam Run.

Yes, that is foie gras ice cream that you see.
One of life's pleasures: ice cream, on a sunny day, at the beach.


The year we found ourselves at two big-time events: St. Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore& Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay!

Ice cream while listening to the likes of Chet Faker, FKA Twigs, & Angus & Julia Stone. Seriously good.
In a wooden Christmas hut direct from Europe, where we offered scooped ice cream
(as well as our classic sandwiches)!


2016 was a big year for us.

First, we moved into our current place a spanking new factory at Burn Road.   

At our new home, we took the first steps in expanding our product offerings: with Gelato & Sorbet Pints in March, & Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes in August! 

We now have 10 gelato & sorbet flavours, including 2 vegan friendly options!

We then took the brave foray into making our own ice cream cakes  which, though a common dessert, is vastly different from making ice cream sandwiches & certainly no mean feat! 

Our cake line up is quite a beautiful sight, we must say.

In September, we achieved a dream: attaining the ISO 22000 & HACCP Food Safety Certifications, bringing our product safety & quality in line with international brands.

Remember our old snap on sandwich containers? Well, we now seal our ice cream sandwiches upon production, ensuring your sammies stay fresh longer.

Check out how your favourite ice cream sandwiches are made here.


Finally, we come to present year.

This year, we had a little fun & introduced two playful new products: Cartoon Ice Cream Cakes in February, & – we're proud to say – Singapore's first small-batch Customised Gelato service!

Who says gourmet products couldn't be cute, too?

We knew that from heartache to celebration, ice cream makes everything better. Why not make it easy to create a one of a kind gift with everyone's favourite chilly treat?

Some of the customisable templates available on our Customised Gelato service.

Back in the days at Owen Road, we had such good times experimenting with & taste-testing wacky ice cream recipes. This is our little way of letting our customers in on that joy, too, without the added hassle.

We reached our 5 year mark this September, 2017
& we could not be more grateful.

We wouldn't be here without the support of our customers – thank you all
for following us on our cookie crumb trail.


Happiness is behind this ice cream sandwich🌈👧😋🍧🍪. Seen here is Milk and Cookies. Perfect for Santa🎅@icecreamcookieco

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We look forward to seeing you through your ice cream cravings for a long, long time.

Here's to a sweet 2018!

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