Our 3 Favourite Food Blogs

As ice cream (and food) lovers, we admire and enjoy all things that get our tummies rumbling, and creative juices flowing. While we love Instagram and magazines, there's something personal about food blogs that's hard to capture in any other medium. It's the story behind the recipes, the glimpse into the hearts of homes (which in our view, is the kitchen), and the shared family recipes that make good food blogs truly special.

Here's three that have stood the test of time. We've been fans for at least five years of each of these talented personalities, and still find them as engaging and inspiring as the first time we read them. We hope you too will enjoy their lovely blogs.

For gorgeous food photography that'll make you swoon, you can't beat Linda Lomelino of Call Me Cupcake. Her pictures aren't the typical white-background flatlay type that have flooded our feeds in recent years. There's a beautiful moodiness to her photography, almost like a modern day still life. She captures tiny, fleeting moments like milk billowing into a drink, or icing sugar falling mid-air onto a freshly baked cake with great precision and tenderness.

The queen of cake pops and all things cute, Bakerella's blog is a riot of colour and creativity. Her recipes are for the true dessert lover - even her breakfasts are studded with chocolate chips, oreo cookies and all things sweet. We've baked several of her recipes for kids' parties and girly gatherings and they always put a smile on people's faces.

One of the earliest food bloggers in Singapore was Chubby Hubby. It can be hard to find authenticity in the food blogging scene nowadays - and we're grateful that this blog has kept its independent voice and opinions. We love the variety of his recipes: you'll find comforting home staples like gyoza, alongside fancy dinner party ideas, like steamed custard with uni and ikura.

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