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New Onde Onde Ice Cream Cake

Inspired by a favourite local dessert, our Onde Onde ice cream cake is sure to please all generations. Coconut-pandan gelato and vanilla sponge drizzled with gula melaka transform the flavours of traditional onde onde into ice cream form. Coconut pandan gelato. Gula melaka. Vanilla sponge. Gula melaka buttercream. Mochi. Dessicated coconut.

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New Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream Cake

Our new Strawberries & Cream ice cream cake draws inspiration from the classic English Wimbledon courtside snack. Fresh strawberry sorbet is marbled with creamy vanilla, for a unique and balanced eating experience.  Strawberry sorbet. Vanilla gelato. Vanilla sponge. Crunchy digestive biscuit base. Strawberry buttercream. Freeze dried strawberries.

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New Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake

Inspired by the all-time favourite Italian dessert, our Tiramisu Cake is filled with flavourful marscapone and coffee gelato, chocolate fudge cake and dacquoise sponge. It's alcohol-free, so suitable for the whole family. Marscapone tiramisu gelato. Dacquoise sponge. Coffee gelato. Chocolate Fudge Cake. Savoiardi sponge fingers.

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