The Ones That Hold It All Together

The cookies of our company: arguably the backbone of our brand.

Without them, our ice cream sandwiches would quite literally fall apart! 
Presenting the 5 different cookies we make for our 9 sandwich flavours: 
chocolate chip, white sugar, brown sugar, chocolate fudge, & lemon zest.

What makes a good ice cream sandwich cookie?

Not just any ol' cookie, that's for sure. Don't we all hate cookie sandwiches that are too hard, with ice cream squishing out the moment you bite down?

You won't find messy, oozy sandwiches here at ICC! How?
No matter the flavour, all our cookies remain soft & chewy even after freezing.

 Chocolate Chip: Buttery, Crisp Edges, Melty Chocolate

Holds Together: Our Milk & Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich
No cookie line up is complete without chocolate chip! There's just no denying the tried & tested equation of vanilla bean gelato + choc chip cookies = goodness.

White Sugar: Tender, Light, Delicately Sweet

Holds Together: Our Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich
and Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich
Delicate flavours call for delicate cookies! Don't underestimate these dainty cookies: their tender, buttery flavour leaves you wanting more.

Brown Sugar: Toasty, Deep Caramel Flavour

Holds Together: Our Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwich
Oh, we need to talk about this cookie. Made just for our toasted marshmallow sandwich, its earthy, molasses flavour goes so, so well with our toasty, roasted marshmallow gelato. Extremely dangerous when we're in a snacking mood.

Chocolate Fudge: Chewy, Dense, Fudgy

Holds Together: Our Choc Hazelnut Ice Cream Sandwich, Iced Mocha Ice Cream Sandwich, After Eight Ice Cream Sandwich, and Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich.
The cookie to look for when you need something to really hit the spot. Super fudgy, dense, & chocolatey - we didn't skimp on the good stuff - it elevates our more scrumptious flavours into truly decadent treats.

Lemon Zest: Refreshing, Perk-You-Up

Holds Together: Our Earl Grey Ice Cream Sandwich
Super moist & fresh, this cookie's made specially to pair with our earl grey infused gelato. The bergamot (orange blossom fragrance) in the gelato is lifted by the zesty, citrus cookie, making our earl grey sandwich a bright & refreshing chilly treat.

Want to see more on how our ice cream sandwiches are made?
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