We started selling our gourmet ice cream sandwiches at local farmer's markets around town, before being asked to make them for family, friends, and eventually customers like yourselves! 

Until today, our pre-packaged, handmade ice cream sandwiches are still made the old-fashioned way. Our cookies are baked in-house from scratch, its ice cream hand-scooped, before being packaged for your convenience and enjoyment.

Enjoy our best-selling flagship product at home, office party, or at your next corporate event.

Note: Ice Cream Sandwiches come delivered in a complimentary re-usable cooler bag. You are entitled to 1 cooler bag for every 10 to 30 sandwiches. (For example, an order of 25 sandwiches will be packed in 1 bag. An order of 40 sandwiches will be packed in 2 bags.) Additional bags may be purchased upon request ($10/ea) - please call 6282-4680 for enquiries.