The Party Pack

The perfect catering option for self- service ice cream events and celebrations. You can choose to fill the box with ice cream sandwiches, cups or a mix. The box comes with free delivery, and dry ice to last 1 hour upon delivery. There are two fun designs to choose from, pictured below.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Celebrate milestones with our Happy Birthday box.

Ice Cream Time

Ice Cream Time

Let's be real - who doesn't love ice cream? Bring some joy to any occasion with this party pack.

Ready to serve

Ready to serve

Individually packed products like ice cream sandwiches are ready to enjoy straight out of the pack. Cups come with spoons, so you don't need to worry about buying anything extra.

Customer Testimonials

Office Favourites

Our office orders vanilla bean gelato regularly for the pantry, and they always disappear within 2 days - my co-workers eat these at a frighteningly fast pace. Personally I prefer the ice cream cookie sandwiches, especially the toasted marshmallow flavor. Each bite truly is an experience to savour!

Mark Ang - Facebook Review

Loooooove it.

I've been buying tubs of dark chocolate ice cream almost weekly. Sometimes I buy a new tub before realising that I still haven't finished the one in the fridge. I always finish them anyway so it's okay. I love the dark chocolate ice cream so much. As a dark chocolate fanatic, I was worried that the lack of dairy meant that it would not be as rich. But I was proven wrong! And this is better for my somewhat lactose intolerant tummy too. Looooove it.

Grace Hong - Facebook Review

Perfect Farewell Party

A colleague bought a whole lot (probably 50packs) as his farewell gift for the staff. Many had not tasted this ice cream filled cookie before. Wow ! It was a delectable treat! Just the right level of sweetness. No cloying after-taste. We are now planning to order more for an event!

Lucy Seet - Facebook Review


  • How do I customise my Party Pack box design?

    Please contact us at if you would like to customise your box design. We need a minimum of 4 business days to process custom design orders.

  • What's the minimum and maximum size suitable for a Party Pack?

    We can put together a pack for 50 people. For party sizes larger than 50, feel free to contact us at for more options.

  • What if I have leftovers?

    Our ice cream products can be kept for up to 12 months in the freezer - so you can enjoy any party leftovers in the days to come.

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