Singapore Wholesale Ice Cream Supplier

A supplier of premium quality ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and customised ice cream products in Singapore

We offer highly competitive wholesale arrangements for all your freshly made artisanal gelato, sorbet and premium ice cream needs. Our range of products include:

  • Super premium artisanal gelato (40+ flavours)
  • Premium commercial ice cream (7 best-selling flavours)
  • Sorbet (8 best-selling flavours)
  • OEM/Customised Frozen Dessert or bespoke Ice Cream Projects

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Inspired by the wholesome produce of Australia where our founders grew up, we set out to create products of the freshest, most wholesome and discerning quality. For example, we use fresh milk & cream in all our gelato products, alongside other ingredients from highly respected sources. We use only 100% dairy derived fat in all our ice cream products, instead of cheaper fat substitutes such as vegetable or palm oil derivatives.



We're not your average dessert supplier, and neither are our flavours. We have classic ice creams like vanilla bean, chocolate, and cookies & cream, but we've invented flavours like toasted marshmallow, cherry tomato, and flavours inspired by our childhood favourites chocolate confections such as Bounty and Snickers.

We have other creative gelato options such as: Thai red tea, chendol, parmesan cheese, black truffle, biscotti, & more. We offer our customers the basic classics, but also enjoy pushing the status quo on what's possible in a dessert through our innovation and creativity.

We work closely with you to conceptualise and execute new, innovative ice cream flavours to help set your business apart from the competition.



As a supplier, we're only successful if you are. We manufacture in Singapore and work direct with our customers, not through distributors or agents. As a result, our growing list of Singapore based customers enjoy the most competitive pricing on the market for premium ice cream compared to other premium brands.



We will deliver to you for free with the among the lowest minimum order quantity requirements on the market, which means you can minimise inventory risk, save on storage space, and ensure that your customers receive the freshest product possible.



We're a young, dynamic team of professionals committed to offering our customers the very best in customer service. We communicate fast and effectively. And working with us means you'll always have direct access to a representative to have all your questions answered and last minute orders processed. We accept orders by phone, e-mail, and you will even have a dedicated ordering chat group using WhatsApp.  



Food safety and consistency of product quality is of tantamount importance to us. We serve the F&B sector's most reputable businesses for their ice cream needs. Our manufacturing facility has been awarded the following industry certifications:

  • AVA Certification - "A - Excellent" Rating
  • HACCP Certification (Food Safety Management System)
  • ISO 22000 Certification (Food Safety Management System) 

For more details please call us at (+65) 62824680, e-mail us at, or place your enquiry here

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