Our Super Accurate Cookiemas Horoscope Gift Guide (We Swear!)

We give you the scoop in our super accurate horoscope gift guide, as told to us by our ice cream clairvoyant – we solemnly swear on our presents from Santa.

The Gift: Simple & Sincere

Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer – Your most hardworking and resilient friends are the least fussy about pampering themselves. They prefer sincere, not too over-the-top gifts with a personal touch.

Curate your own bundle
to spoil your easygoing friends – pick flavours you know they'll love for our Assorted Ice Cream Sandwich pack, along with a couple of tubs from our range of Gelato & Sorbet Pints. Pop in a personalised gift card – request one when you check out your order – & you've got a yummy, sincere gift!

The Gift: Limited Edition

Gemini, Virgo, Libra – These signs can be aggravatingly or adoringly fickle-minded, depending on which of their friends you ask. Highly sentimental, the only thing they love more than love is to be adored in return.

Only our Pint Society Collection is befitting of your fickle friends' attention. A unique, one-off gift that's as special as they are. Check out our December flavour here, orders closing the 15th of December, 11:59PM.

The Gift: Indulgent & Romantic

Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius – Excitable, fiery, & loud, these signs are the best people to be around if you're looking for a great time. They seriously enjoy being spoiled by their loved ones & they take it to heart when they know they're cherished.

Our Box of Christmas Wishes will set your romantic friends' hearts aflutter. They don't take gifting – or receiving – lightly, & adore true, 'proper' gifts. Orders for our Christmas collection close Sunday, the 10th of December, so be sure not to miss out.

The Gift: Practical & Suitable

Aries, Taurus, Capricorn – Practical, principled signs that know themselves better than anyone ever will. They are very clear on their likes & dislikes, & these stubborn, lovable ol' guns prefer sticking to what they know works best.

Our Customised Gelato Pints are made for these guys. Knowing their gift was completely personalised – they'll be in awe at how well you understand them – will be the cherry on top of their sweet, sweet Cookiemas.

Try out our interactive customisation tool here.

Now go forth & elevate the season of love, peace, & joy into a yummy Cookiemas for the ones you love.


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