Spilling The Tea On Tea Ice Cream

If we were to ask which is a better option for making tea-infused ice cream, tea powder or tea leaves which would you think is the correct answer?

You might be surprised to learn that tea powder is the way to go.

One might think using loose tea leaves is the best method that guarantees a full-bodied, authentic flavour. However, it is challenging to extract all of the flavour from tea leaves when a gelato base is steeped in leaves.

Instead, we use tea powder which means we get to incorporate all that robust flavour into the final product.

Gif from our Inside Your: Green Tea Sandwich video
Tea powder is made simply by grinding loose leaves into fine powder, which is then able to be mixed directly into our gelato base. In the right proportions & with proper processing, you won’t find any grittiness in the final product.

The tea’s full flavour is preserved  and you get an ice cream flavour that’s truly tea-rrific.

We’re proud to use only the finest quality tea products

Grade-A matcha imported from a respected tea plantation in Uji, Kyoto, as well as bergamot infused Ceylon black tea powder for our ever-popular English Earl ice cream sandwich!

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