The Misunderstood Story of Plain Vanilla

Often times when picking an ice cream flavour, many opt for yummier-sounding ones, such as chocolate fudge or mint chip. Few would go for something as simple as vanilla - why waste the calories, right? It's even become a synonym for boring - how often have you heard someone saying that something's so utterly unexciting, so plain vanilla?

Well, we're here to make a case for one of our favourite flavours - our Vanilla Bean Dream.

We weren't speaking lightly when we used the word "dream" to name our pure vanilla bean gelato. Why? It has a strong, true vanilla aroma that's truly swoon-worthy - unlike many imitation vanilla products. The fragrant flavour comes from our house blend of Madagascan vanilla beans & pure vanilla extract. 

Unbeknownst to most consumers, there's a distinct difference in the resulting ice cream product when using pure vanilla extract versus vanilla essence 

— they are not one and the same.

Image from Serious Eats: 'Taste Test: Is Better Vanilla Extract Worth the Price?'
Vanilla extract is the complete spectrum of oils, aromas and flavour compounds naturally found in real vanilla beans. It has a much richer, more complex taste and fragrance compared with ‘vanilla essence’ or ‘imitation vanilla’, which only contains synthetically derived ‘vanillin’  hence the more flat, unexciting taste. 

Why do we love our Vanilla Bean Dream so? 

It's the perfect treat with its simple, yet deep flavour.

With such a clean, strong base, you can use it to create much 'fancier' desserts if you wish! From milkshakes to ice cream sandwiches, vanilla is the true champion when it comes to lifting desserts to greater heights.
Our signature product - the Milk & Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich. Click to view!
..and it's pint equivalent - our Milk & Cookies Gelato Tub. Click to view!

We've got a great video recipe on how to create 3 super scrumptious milkshakes all using our Vanilla Bean Dream as a base.

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