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New Onde Onde Ice Cream Cake

Inspired by a favourite local dessert, our Onde Onde ice cream cake is sure to please all generations. Coconut-pandan gelato and vanilla sponge drizzled with gula melaka transform the flavours of traditional onde onde into ice cream form. Coconut pandan gelato. Gula melaka. Vanilla sponge. Gula melaka buttercream. Mochi. Dessicated coconut.

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Secrets to Success: Aun Koh, Chubby Hubby & The Ate Group

"There is no one thing that contributes to success. But there are things that can break a business. Two things that are vital in remaining sustainable are good people and maintaining reasonable property costs," says Koh. "Unfair or unreasonable rental hikes can kill a business. This is something we've seen far too often."

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