Three facts about our Alphonso Mango Sorbet

1. It features the "king of mangoes"

A mango is a mango is a mango, right? Not necessarily. The Alphonso mangoes found in our sorbet are widely considered a cut above other varieties because of their firm yet creamy texture, deep saffron-gold flesh and sweet, fragrant flavour.

They are also relatively scarce - only in season for a short time from around April to June each year. Most are grown in the palm-tree lined Konkan Coast of India, where its seasonal prices make news headlines, and people send boxes of the fruit to friends or business associates as gifts. In Singapore, you can find the fruit at speciality fruit stalls, and even at Mustafa during the season, where they sell out pretty fast!

2. It's 99% fat-free - but still creamy & smooth

As we only use fruit (no added fillers or fats) to our mango sorbet. That means you get a guilt-free treat that still tastes indulgent, thanks to the lovely Alphonso fruit. It's also gluten- and dairy-free, and suitable for vegetarians.

3. Its vibrant colour is all natural

You'll notice our ice cream and gelato products are mostly pastel tones, as we avoid using artificial colouring and additives wherever possible. Mango is one exception - a brilliant yellow because the sorbet is pretty much real fruit transformed into a frozen dessert.

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