Vegan - but you'd never know it

It isn't easy bein' green. And we agree with this famous frog when it comes to eating green - not only do vegetarians and vegans have to deal with a lack of choice when it comes to delicious things in life (like ice cream) they're at the receiving end of eye rolls and all kinds of social mockery.

That's why we created a vegan line. Our aim: to make vegan ice cream taste as good as any other type.

We've started with two flavours, Dark Chocolate and Coconut, and will continue to launch more. Vegan friends - feel free to request your dream flavour and you might just see it come to life!


Our Dark Chocolate is just as creamy as a dairy-based ice cream because we use coconut milk in the base. The rich chocolate flavour is perfumed with hints of coconut. 

Only fresh (not canned) coconut milk is used for our Tropical Coconut ice cream. It's a dreamy, creamy flavour that makes us feel like we're on a little island vacay.

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