What Does Ice Cream Mean To You? (Nov Edition)

November Edition



For our customised gelato giveaway winner, @genelht, her perfect peppermint pints (say that three times, fast) were a pick-me-up at the end of a work week.

The goodies in our giveaway birthday box made themselves cosy in their new home - @lumology's freezer. 

Some of our sammies had a weekend better than ours, aboard a yacht party with @96thandlex & friends! Lovely image captured by @joashxleephoto

For @gracetjq, our vegan dark chocolate pint was the best she's ever had, dairy-free or not.

And finally, for @xiaowinterphotography, our sandwiches were front and centre on her Instagram page! What a pleasant surprise it was for us - and we're sure our sandwiches, and Choc Fudge Cookie pint, were delighted to have the spotlight on them, too 😍

We're also pleased to give @xiaowinterphotography 10% off all her orders made during the month of December, 2017! Hopefully that'll make it a toasty Christmas indeed.

Keep on taggin' us on our feeds - we want to see those snaps! 


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