What's In A Sorbet?

What's In A Sorbet?
We discovered a fact many consumers were not aware of: a well made sorbet should be as smooth & luscious in texture as gelato. Read on to find out what is a true sorbet should be like!

First & foremost, for the uninitiated: what is a sorbet?

A sorbet is basically what you know & love as ice cream, minus the dairy content. 
It contains no dairy milk & no cream.
Although sorbets started out traditionally with fruit-based flavours – & its technical definition is still 'a frozen concoction of fruit, sugar, & water' – we now see many of our classic gelato flavours as sorbets, such as chocolate.

 Our two sorbet pints: Alphonso Mango & Island Coconut.
As we furthered our journey of gelato & sorbet making, we discovered a fact many consumers were not aware of: 

a well made sorbet should be as smooth & luscious
in texture as gelato.

Consumers often think the term 'sorbet' is synonymous with a more icy dessert, compared to the familiar, distinctly creamy, ice cream or gelato.

They usually expect a texture similar to frozen slushies, or 'granita'  an Italian frozen dessert  and erroneously use the terms interchangeably.

Image of granita from The Kitchn.

However, unlike sorbets, which are churned into smoothness in a gelato machine, granita is scraped repeatedly during the freezing process, transforming their structure into icy flakes – something that should not be found in a well made sorbet.

You might also have had sorbets with a crunchier, icy texture that's similar to a granita. 

This tends to happen when there is too much water content in the sorbet, usually a result of cost-cutting measures.

For both of our sorbet pints, we use 100%, pure fruit puree, & coconut milk, with absolutely no artificial flavourings added. What you’re getting is pure, unadulterated ingredients that is processed with great attention & care.

We weren't kidding when we say our dreamy duo are two of life's little miracles:
unbelievably creamy, dairy-free & gluten-free.

A true treat that everyone can enjoy!

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