Easy As Pie...Not Cake!

Ice cream cakes are a great nostalgic dessert – a kid's party favourite, there's something quite retro & sentimental about them.

When we designed our Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes, we wanted to put our spin on this delicious old-school treat.

Here's how we did it.

Our Double Chocolate Ice Cream Cakes! Double the chocolate, double the yum.

1. Rethink the basics

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By choosing flavours & designs that are grown-up, not cheesy.
While traditional ice cream cakes – the type covered with piped whipped cream, & a basic cake filling – are nostalgic, our vision was to create something new & interesting.
In addition to classics like chocolate & cookies & cream, you'll find aromatic earl grey & fun toasted marshmallow gelato in our selection.

2. Give them a gourmet touch.

Together with our head pastry chef, we used elements from French patisserie, like dacquoise instead of plain cake, meringue instead of whipped cream, & macarons  things rarely seen in ice cream cakes!

Our Earl Grey Ice Cream Cake. Ain't she a beaut? Topped with torched meringue, on an almond dacquoise base.
These elements really elevate the humble ice cream cake into something you can serve at any dinner party, not just a kid’s birthday.

As seen earlier, our Double Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. Topped with a chocolate buttercream cone & dollops,
along with a vanilla macaron. On a chocolate fudge cake base.

One of our greatest challenges was figuring out how to adapt patisserie or conventional baking techniques to ice cream cakes.

Torching marshmallows for our S'mores Ice Cream Cake. Those pillowy babies almost look like they're breathing...

...lining the cake with crushed graham crackers. Therapeutic!

Piping the chocolate buttercream cones for our Double Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.
Hardly anyone makes cakes the way we do, so we could not Google it or find a recipe book.

There was a lot (delicious) of trial & error involved.

Dotting the cake with flakes of 23 karat gold leaf...for that added sparkle.

Watch more snippets of how we create our cakes here!

The Results:

Our signature ice cream cakes!
Here's a detailed look at each one  which will you choose for your next birthday party?

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